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What Our Customers Say

We've been getting Signature Soaps for a few years now, starting from the stall at Stockport Station.  We always liked the quality, variety and scents of the soaps we've purchased.  We don't have a particular favourite- they are all so nice!  House guests have praised them, which is always nice. Service is good, either from the stall or via mail order.  Great stuff! Dudley Newell
What do I think of the soap? The soap is fantastic! I really like it. I have many dozens of so-called premium soaps and this Capra soap is at least the equal of them at half the price. It is cushiony , slick , thick and creamy and very easy to lather. In short , luxurious for a great shave with a safety razor and a good ,sharp , smooth blade. Warmest regards, George B Assif (Vienna)