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We’ve been getting Signature Soaps for a few years now, starting from the stall at Stockport Station.  We always liked the quality, variety and scents of the soaps we’ve purchased.  We don’t have a particular favourite- they are all so nice!  House guests have praised them, which is always nice.
Service is good, either from the stall or via mail order.  Great stuff!

Dudley Newell

What do I think of the soap? The soap is fantastic! I really like it. I have many dozens of so-called premium soaps and this Capra soap is at least the equal of them at half the price. It is cushiony , slick , thick and creamy and very easy to lather. In short , luxurious for a great shave with a safety razor and a good ,sharp , smooth blade.
Warmest regards,
George B Assaf (Vienna)

Goats Milk Unfragranced Soap


While unfragranced, this soap carries the subtle scent of its ingredients, which I would describe as a touch yoghurty, earthy, and with a hint of sweetness. That might sound a little bit odd and perhaps it is, but in a pleasing way. The soap is basically just designed to clean you in a way that’s as gentle as possible and that’s what it does. You can really feel the richness of the lather and it leaves a moist feeling on the skin. I think an unfragranced soap like this is good not only for people with sensitive skin but also in case you want to wear any perfume and you don’t want your soap to clash with it.

Tom, London

Patchouli and Ylang-Ylang


This soap is an interesting mix of an earthy, even musky fragrance, and a sweet, floral fragrance. I know nothing about perfumery, but I’m guessing the former is patchouli and the latter is ylang-ylang. The scent is of a good strength and seemed to change slightly with each use while remaining consistently enchanting. The lather it produces is thick and creamy.

Tom, London

English Rose


I found this to be a pleasant rose fragrance, not too cloying, which is what I was hoping for, and suitable for both men and women; it’s not a grandma-ish rose fragrance, although your grandma would still love it. The soap is clearer and less “creamy” than other Signature Soaps but that suits this soap’s fragrance and style.

I liked it enough to buy a bar as a gift for my mother. Its colour and handmade look make it a good choice of gift.


Capra Goat’s Milk Shaving Soap


I started shaving my head and parts of my face with a double-edged safety razor, brush and shaving soap in 2020 as a lockdown pursuit. I have since tried three shaving soaps – Trumper’s Rose, Haslinger Honig, and Signature Soaps Capra. I can say that the Trumper’s Rose is useless ; that the Haslinger Honig is quite good; and that the Signature Soaps Capra is the best by a comfortable margin.

The Capra shaving soap is a stiff, beige-coloured paste. While unfragranced, it has the very slight scent of its ingredients which disappears when lathering. For some reason I find this scent slightly citrussy although perhaps others would disagree.

I use the soap by scooping a good-sized lump onto my finger and squishing it into the bottom of a flat-based bowl with tall sides. I then dab my wet but not soaking shaving brush into the soap until the soap is gradually absorbed through the entire brush (this might not be all the soap in the bowl – there’s usually some left to top up the brush for a few passes). Once the brush is fully loaded, I lather it onto my head rather than lathering the soap in the bowl. I can then tell whether the lather is too pasty – in which case a few drops more water are needed – or whether it’s too thin, in which case it needs more soap.

This way I get enough slick, protective lather for two passes on my whole scalp and one pass on my cheeks. I find it to give superior protection compared to the Trumper’s or Haslinger, neither of which I now ever touch.

The fact that it’s unfragranced is an advantage – it means the shaving soap doesn’t have to match the scent of other fragrances you are using.

I still need to proceed with caution when shaving, but that goes without saying when shaving my whole head with a DE safety razor. But I find that when I use a fresh blade and when I get the lather just right, the Signature Soaps Capra lets me shave my whole head and face without a single scratch, any irritation or dryness – a feat which no other soap has achieved.

Tom, London

Hibernia : The scent of this is lovely and refreshing on opening and it remains all through the shave, never appearing to weaken as some soaps do. The remarkable thing though about this soap is its incredible slickness. I can honestly say I’ve never experienced anything like it! Where this excels is in its ability to allow you to have a daily wet shave without fear of irritation through repeatedly taking a D.E razor blade to your face. I can easily perform a three pass shave and touch-up’s without any problems at all, and I truly believe it is this incredible slickness and protection that is the major contributor to that. You won’t be disappointed, and at the price, would be mad not to try.
Cheers from Steven McCue in Glenrothes, Scotland.

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Unfragranced Goats Milk Soap

Bought this soap at the weekend from Didsbury makers market for my 2 year old who has patches of eczema which also cause skin tags, used this on him 3 times now and the difference is magic!! Even after the first use I couldn’t believe how it cleared up and was instantly moisturised, fantastic, will definitely be ordering online in batches! Thank you xx

Angela Manning El Khouri (Didsbury)


My partners reaction: What can I say, wow. received my Signature Soap today (super fast delivery) and just finished my shave, it was everything I could have hoped for and more. Magnificent lather with outstanding cushion and glide really coated the face with protection. The post shave feel is like a million dollars. Best of all zero irritation or inflammation as I have suffered with some well known brands.
S.Kett, London

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